writing on water

writing on water is both the title of a single piece and of an expanding cycle of electro-acoustic pieces. The first pieces, writing on water (first book), were commissioned by Matthew Herbert for his record label, Accidental, as part of a compilation album. (writing on water appears on You Are Here, Accidental AC07 CD).

I decided to produce two further books to expand the series, the total length of which is intended to be 20-30 minutes, for release on cd. Although they appear in a certain order on the cd itself, the pieces are designed to be played in any order several times over. With the final number of pieces estimated to be 11, this means that there are 39,916,800 possible ways of hearing the tracks, and, in turn, the work.
ian vine X 2001

Jennifer George, flute(s). Ian Vine, guitars, piano, electronics.
recordings realised at first moon studio.
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you are cd cover you are here - Accidental Records compilation, with writing on water (2000)


I invited Richard Lonsdale of Red Leader Industries, to make some films with the pieces from (first book) and writing on water itself.

still from writing on water film writing on water (2000)
film: Richard Lonsdale © 2003 Red Leader

still from satellite film satellite (1999)
film: Richard Lonsdale © 2002 Red Leader

still from for jen film for jen (1999)
film: Katherine Green © 2001 Red Leader

films hosted on Vimeo

list of pieces

(third book) (2004-)

forty objects (2007)
40 guitars
thirty objects (2004)

(second book) (2001-)

seven with four (2001) 3 minutes ~ (to be recorded)
piccolo, flute, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 7 classical guitars and electronics
four with seven 3 minutes ~ (planned)
piccolo, flute, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 7 classical guitars and electronics
replica (planned)
electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electronics

writing on water (2000) 1 minute 40 seconds ~
flute, 7 guitars, piano and electronics

(first book) (1999)

satellite (1999) 32 seconds
flute, guitar and electronics
for jen (1999) 33 seconds
3 flutes, 3 guitars and electronics
small moon (1999) 30 seconds
flute, 4 guitars and piano
desert / catch (1999) 20 seconds
flute, 6 guitars, piano and electronics